Quick locking tips

Principles of zipper operation

Each zipper has two fixed strips of teeth, the strips of teeth consisting of hooks and recesses alternating. When we pull the slider from the original through these two strips, the two strips will join together in the slot of the slider with a corresponding angle.

The tilt of the slider then forces the hooks of the lateral strips to stick together into the groove of the other side of the tooth strand so that they stick together.

Common failures

- Pulled towel can not pull up.

- The pull cord pulls up, but the lock is not tight.

- The interrupted zipper has a tight fit together with the paragraph is open again.

How to fix a lock

1.Use olive oil or coconut oil

Using olive oil is also a good way to smooth the zipper. It is not too difficult to make a few drops of olive oil to hand and then rub along the zipper.

In the same way as above, he proceeded to pull the longitudinal buckle of the teeth several times to olive oil can spread all over the wire.Nh after the lock you must proceed to wipe off all traces of coconut oil to avoid fading of strawberries. drag

Coconut oil is known for its beauty, but it also has other uses that will make many people miserable. One of them is fixing the zipper.

The process of fixing zipper pulling buckles with coconut oil is the same as when using olive oil. You put a few drops of coconut oil in paper towels, rub several times vertically of the wire teeth, to lock the back.

And still remember to clean the coconut oil and sort out to avoid the fading of the rope.By pulling the slipper strap, the effect of coconut oil is a lot, you can find out.

2. Use candles

The towel candle-fixing tips are a very popular folk experience, and provide instant results.

On how to fix a candlestick, you just rub the bottom of the candle into the teeth of the zipper to be able to reuse the lock smoothly.

Then you move the zipper along the teeth, try to pull it gently several times to wax candles are spread all the zipper. Paper towels remove the excess candle wax.

There is a note for you, the best zipper tips are you should use the type of moon candles will be more effective color candles

3. Use paraffin to seal non-slip opening

The teeth of the two branches may be damaged due to the locking force and non-slip opening.

Use paraffin to lubricate the front and back of the bowel and move the head several times upwards to absorb the oil and the locking tip smoothly.

4. Solve the problem locks in cloth

The lock can be attached to the fabric or thread, when closing and opening the zipper. Move the lock head gently to the original position, remove the thread or the fabric is stuck.

When sewing zipper in the fabric, care should be taken to avoid the possibility of zipper getting caught.

The zipper is only closed after the two branches of zipper are placed close together

Trying to force the zipper to close when the basket is full will damage the zipper. It will pull the chicken out of the cloth.

This is usually the case with zipper wires, so the zipper is closed only after the two zipper branches are placed close together so that the lock head can move more easily.

5. Use lipstick

Lipstick is an indispensable thing to beautify women, but using it to make slippery lace is a somewhat new thing. A small lip balm can easily limit the area covered by it. Rub on the zipper. Then pull the zipper along the zipper several times to spread the orchid uniformly.

These are the tips to smooth the zipper in the most effective way, it will save you the most and still bring the high effect.


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