What are the garment accessories?

In order to have a perfect outfit, you need some accessories. Have you understood the materials needed to design a costume? Let's find out!
In order to have a perfect garment, in addition to fabric, tailors have to mention the importance of other garment accessories. In addition to the accessories needed to have, there are accessories aesthetic effect for the product. Phulieumaymac.net.vn with this article, hope you have the necessary knowledge about the name, the effect of garment accessories in the garment industry.

Garment accessories include:


There are two types:

Natural fibers: cotton, silk only used in the current apparel industry.

From chemical fiber only: from artificial silk and from synthetic fiber.

As the garment accessories are important in linking the components of the product, the quality, durability, color, elasticity ... are considered very carefully.

Construction materials

Garment accessories used to create garments, such as creating the form for details, creating bulging, hard surface, shaping the garment ... in addition to warming effect costume.


Including: buttons, zippers

Button work to open, dress or to decorate with many shapes, sizes, colors are made of many materials: wood, metal, plastic ...

Zippers are made of plastic, metal. A quality zipper must be durable, tight, firm, beautiful color.

Other raw materials

In addition to the garment apparel labeled above, many other accessories are included in the apparel with a variety of effects. Many times it is very important: put on handbags, elastic bands, hosiery. ...

These garment accessories are not unimportant. It contributes to the beauty and aesthetics of a perfect product.

What does the article include? Hope you will have a full look when seeing a beautiful costume.

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